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The journey of implementing medical billing into dental practices is guided by the series: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists. Dr. Farrugia's signature strategy for handling medical claims is shared in the book: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists: FUNDAMENTALS. The compliment to his immensely popular course, this book is the ultimate guidebook for dentists who want to begin to successfully access medical benefits for their services. Refining "beyond the basics" coding strategies and systems are central to the second book in the series: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists: ADVANCED. The series continues with ICD-10 for Dentists: CODES. This book condenses tens of thousands of ICD-10 diagnosis  and CPT procedure codes to those commonly used by dental practices. And the latest addition to the series: Successful Dental Sleep Medicine. This book uniquely combines the medical billing and clinical practice of dental sleep medicine. 

Successful Medical Billing - The SUPER Book

The latest in the Successful Medical Billing series, The SUPER Book combines the core concepts and content of the Fundamentals, Codes, and Advanced books into one fantastic volume. Included you’ll find sections detailing fundamentally “how-to”  suceed in the medical billing process from start to finish, the codes you’ll need for medical claims, and a complete section of advanced clinical scenarios coded and documented from actual successful claims including a wide array of sample claims and LMNs. In this edition is a bonus section:  “The $60,000 Surgery” . An actual surgical case, where over 90% of the patient’s total treatment was covered by medical insurance, is painstakingly dissected and detailed from diagnosis to final prosthesis including actual claims and documentation. Whether you are new to or have experience with medical billing, the SUPER Book has everything you’ll need to succeed under one cover!

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Successful Dental Sleep Medicine

Clinical and financial success in treating sleep apnea patients requires complementary and concurrent clinical AND billing systems. Too often, dentists focus on the clinical aspect of treating OSA only to get to the end and a medical claim for services is denied. In this unique book, learn how to establish and combine BOTH elements in a successful dental sleep practice as you identify all of the billable events along the clinical process. 


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Successful Dental Sleep Medicine and The SUPER Book are bundled together for great savings!

Pre-order for this bundle now! Will ship 11-15-2020.

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Successful Medical Billing For Dentists I FUNDAMENTALS: Exams, Consultations, Radiographs, and CT

Dr. Chris Farrugia spent years decoding the process of medical billing for his dental practice. By carefully analyzing the patterns of diagnosis and procedure codes common to paid claims, Dr. Farrugia developed a signature strategy for handling claims, and has a solid track record of success. The companion to his immensely popular course, Successful Medical Billing: The Dentist's Guide is the ultimate guidebook for dentists who want to begin to successfully access medical benefits for their services. This updated guide contains all the information needed to understand how successful medical billing protocols can be established based on the information flow and forms used by Dr. Farrugia in his practice. Some common clinical scenarios that are billable to medical insurance are presented to illustrate successful claims. NOTE: Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS course participants are eligible for a discount on the cover price of this book with your registration in a SMB Fundamental course. We highly recommend course attendance, as the book was written to serve as an adjunct to the course and as a post-course reference guide.

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ICD-10 and CPT For Dentists: CODES

ICD-10-CM has over 69,000 codes! There are a hundred zillion CPT codes!  Most of which have nothing to do with your practice. Dr. Farrugia makes ICD-10 understandable by providing instruction on ICD-10, highlighting the common ICD-10 and CPT codes you will use daily, and providing descriptions, informational, and instructional notes, and a cross-coding of CPT/CDT. Instead of wading through two separate (and expensive!) tomes of ICD-10 and CPT codes, this condensed, updated reference guide has every thing you need to understand and use ICD-10 and CPT and to code for both medical and dental claims with confidence.


Because ICD-10 will be required on the ADA Dental claim form, as a bonus, Dr. Farrugia has included complete instructions of the current protocols for completing both claims: the CMS1500(2/12) AND the ADA (2012) claim forms.

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Successful Medical Billing for Dentists II ADVANCED: Surgery, Appliances, and Trauma

Once dental practices are fundamentally sound in the claims process, medical claims may be successfully submitted for beyond the basics services. Dr. Farrugia explores the claims process and proper documentation for surgeries, appliances, trauma, and more. This book helps you refine your insurance practices increasing the overall percentage of paid claims. Containing over 20 sample claims, LMNs, and analysis of the claims strategy for surgery, appliance, trauma, and sleep claims, this book is the perfect adjunct for practices wishing to take their medical claims to the next level.

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SMB Fundamentals/SMB Advanced/ICD-10 and CPT Bundle 3

Current Editions of all Fundamentals, ICD/CPT for Dentists, and Advanced books  with a $120 savings!

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SMB Fundamentals/SMB Advanced Bundle 4

Current edition of both SMB Fundamentals and Advanced books with a $100 savings!

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SMB Fundamentals/ICD-10 and CPT Bundle 1

Current Edition of both books with a $50 savings!

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Successful Medical Billing - Complete Set Bundle

 Current editions of FUNDAMENTALS, CODES, ADVANCED, and DENTAL SLEEP MEDICINE are included in this bundle. A great value!

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SMB Advanced/ICD-10 and CPT Bundle 2

Current Edition of both books with a $50 savings!

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Fundamentals/Successful Dental Sleep Medicine Bundle

Current edition of both books bundled together for savings! For the practice focussed on Dental sleep medicine, this bundle provides the Fundamental knowledge of the entire claims process and specific depth into Dental Sleep Medicine clinical flow and billing.

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SEPARATING CHURCH and STATE, A How to Guide by Cersei Lannister

Ok! You have to be a GAME OF THRONES fan to get it.... but this is funny! Sorry it's not real but if it is ever published, look for it here!

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